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Our Mission
We seek to bring more flowers into the lives of people through business-to-business relationships. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality products emphasizing unique, local, green and other specialty items. We strive to actively promote products and services that help distinguish a floral business in the marketplace.

We are located in Lincoln Nebraska just north of the intersection of Cornhusker Hwy and 56th street.

Physical Address: 5720 Johanna Road, Lincoln, NE 68507

Hours of Operation

Purchasing from Cutts
Because Cutts is a floral wholesale firm we can only sell to other registered businesses in the floral industry or wholesale to trade only. If you are interested in doing business with Cutts a Nebraska Resale Certificate (Form 13) must be completed and faxed to 402-464-5730.

This is Cutts

and how we began

Cutts was founded on June 20th, 2004 by Dave and Terri Lambe. Dave has been in the floral industry for 37 years. Terri was a stay at home mom to their twin daughters, and before Cutts, started her own, successful cleaning business. After finishing his Master’s in Business Management, Dave decided he wanted to open a business. He talked it over with Terri and they decided to use his experience in the floral industry and open a wholesale flower shop. Their goal is to provide cut flowers to floral firms in the Midwest. Cutts mission is enriching lives with flowers and they do this by guaranteeing their product quality, providing exceptional customer service, and hosting events for their customers to attend. Cutts specializes in unique and different flowers and supplies. Cutts is a member if the Nebraska Florists Society.