r u ready 4 prom?

             We ask that because it is Prom Week at Cutts! Now that Valentine’s Day has passed us by, it’s time to turn our attention to prom! Take advantage of this quieter time to do some prep work. There are countless websites dedicated to prom. These are a great resource for checking out what’s hot for prom in 2010. A few of our favorites are David’s Prom (a division of David’s Bridal), Seventeen Prom, and Prom Girl

             After you check out the websites, see some real life dresses (and models!) at our upcoming prom seminar! We will be featuring new prom wristlets and bling from Fitz Design, talking about Facebook, and finding ways to save you time and money this upcoming prom season!

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behind the scenes: winning bouquets

             With the 2010 Vancouver Olympics in full swing, we couldn’t help but notice the darling bouquets being handed out to the medalists. We love that the bouquet presentation is a tradition that has stayed alive through the decades. After doing a little research, we found out that there are some fun facts behind this year’s bouquet selection.

             The bouquets are a bigger deal than you might think--they have been talking about them since 2008! There are two florists that teamed up to win the contract of 1,800 bouquets. The design was chosen from a field of 23 options.

             The bouquets have a special meaning to them for a couple different reasons. First, all the product featured in the bouquet was chose because it grows locally in Canada during the spring and summer. Also, green color of the bouquet is symbolic of the green in the official Olympic logo.

             What really impressed us is the social conscience behind the bouquets. A group called Just Beginnings Flower Society is organizing the bouquet production. This group teaches marginalized women (those who are recovering addicts, exiting the sex trade, or have recently left prison) job skills as floral designers.

             So with all this positive media attention, why don’t you put it to work for you! Create your version of the Olympic bouquet to display on your counter and sell from your cooler! Go Team USA!


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